Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, and at Vatel Restaurant, we want to do our bit for the environment.

We are always looking for better ways to reduce our carbon footprint and for innovative ways of remaining a more sustainable business.

In 2009, Vatel Restaurant received the Environmental Business Award from the City of Canada Bay Council in recognition of the waste reduction and energy saving strategies that we have implemented at the restaurant.

Since relocating to 188 Lyons Rd in Drummoyne, we have continued with our efforts to reduce our dependency on energy.

Some of our ‘sustainability design highlights’ include:

* Insulating the roof and ceiling of the building beyond the required building code requirements.
* Locating the fridge compressors away from heat and pollution for more efficient usage.
* Installing an efficient inverter air conditioning system.
* Using energy efficient lighting – no down lights but only our decorative energy saving pendants.

Through these energy saving measures, our daily electricity consumption rate has been reduced by 61% compare to the other premises.

In September 2012, we invested into a new type of commercial fridge, Gram from Denmark. It uses a different kind of refrigerant gas, the R600A, more environmentally friendly together with been tested as the most energy efficient fridge across Europe.

In October 2012, we installed 15 solar panels Panasonic 235w HIT on the roof of the restaurant. This 3.5KW system has helped us reducing further our energy need by an average of 10.5 KW per day.

In March 2013, we installed a new centrifugal motor for the kitchen range hood. This is driven by a variable speed drive from ABB, which uses different current frequencies to drive the motor. The result is another saving on the electricity bill.
ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies with the aim to improve their customers’ performance while lowering their environmental impact.

In 2018/2019 the solar system was expended to a 9.7 Kwh system with two* 10 Kwh LG CHEM battery storage.
With this latest improvement our electricity requirement has been reduced from a 52Kwh/day in 2010 to 5-8 Kwh per day in 2021…
Vatel was the environmental business winner in 2014 and 2021 in the City of Canada Bay council

Vatel is committed to maintaining a sustainable business and we will endeavour to keep up to date with new technology as it develops in association with global leaders in their field.

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